Little by little girls and you can boys control the work techniques you to affect for each sex, preparing themselves having personal life


Polygamy are generally skilled of the Cinta Larga, and in a variety of preparations. Generally, the spouses disagree inside ages, when teenage girls are provided to the family because the next or third spouses. It is rather common, eg, to own one koreansk flickor fГ¶r Г¤ktenskap experience wedding the youngest sibling from his spouse, or an excellent classificatory brother away from hers. To wed that have a widow lets a guy in certain cases so you’re able to discovered meanwhile their own daughter due to the fact the next spouse. Usually, exactly how many spouses a man keeps served once the a collection out-of reputation, political fuel and you may, inside the a specific experience, riches – whether or not polygamy is not, among Cinta Larga, a private correct of the chiefs or “people who own our house”, zapiway, he is in reality the main beneficiaries.

Wedding method takes variations and you can selection. The new interactions between the sexes, even with such points, try from being an aleatory procedure; on the other hand simple fact is that result of the play out-of passion and energy which is arranged to your men. Since a good corollary, it’s titled “woman taking”, that’s, the fresh involvement and later airline that have anyone away from a special neighborhood, Cinta Larga or otherwise not, without any agree of your own dad, sister or partner, and therefore upsets the life of one’s area, because of it puts concerned men authority, and you may usually leads to war. The women are, declaredly, the newest pretext otherwise rotate out-of nearly all the fresh disputes. Nevertheless these issues is paid because “confrontations ranging from men”, as they are perceived as issues off interests away from groups added by men. And you will, within feel, “to replace women” is the beginning of a quiet chronilogical age of life style together anywhere between organizations, paying off pending differences as a process considering reciprocity.


We know that beginning out of a baby ‘s the start of a robust, ily: it involves multiple dangers, requiring a myriad of care and attention. Regarding Cinta Larga instance, new liminal months are told me since what is involved is this new separation between guys and you will dogs. An occasion devoted to creating new social getting of youngster, they generate the child read organic showers, massages and you will orations, they give it a name and you may “converse” constantly with the infant. As for the dinner limitations, that is a way of carrying out an excellent univocal loved ones, essential identifying the child while the a member of area.

The procedure of elevating individuals relates to simply the composition away from an separate and you will notice-adequate character. Up until three to four years of age, the infant are an indivisible companion of your mom. When it currently actions and you will talks that have speed, the infant suits with small communities exactly who imitate the latest people on the meeting regarding fresh fruit, about take out-of quick animals and you will seafood. As a result, the synthesis of a light and you may quite turbulent gait, and this creates new maturity to respond to virtually any fact that is displeasing for the private. As a whole, a youngsters of about 16 years of age most useful demonstrates so it choices. Unafraid, this new Cinta Larga young people appears to undertake no limit, imposition otherwise requests from anyone. The guy is able to request just what he wants myself, directly to the idea, without-a person is subservient or an effective flatterer.

The newest google search kind of lifetime of the newest Cinta Larga can even rise above the crowd during the infancy. Since he’s brief, boys walk-around all day long holding the little bows and you may arrows, typically going after lizards and you may butterflies. If they are older, they supplement the dads for the hunts, and in puberty each goes hunting through its companions, over time collaborating inside the bringing meat to your nearest and dearest.